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About us

Started by a group of young but experienced technocrats,
inQbe Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a Training Institution based in Ernakulam providing quality Training for Students and Faculties in various application areas such as power Electronics, drives, embedded system, DSP, VLSI , FPGA etc.
Nowadays, ‘Engineers’ are ‘Engineers’ just by degree, but not by skills. And we believe, without skills, it is impossible for them to get placed in good companies. Our main aim is to help students overcome this problem, by cultivating the interest and zest in them and giving them maximum support, making them Competent in the market. And through this, we hope to build a bunch of skilled Engineers, who can actively take part in the development of our nation. 
We make the students updated with the latest technology and train them in a way to make themselves fit for an industry. At inQbe, students are encouraged to learn and practise the methods for implementing their own ideas by providing them an incubation support. 

Let us incubate technology

Our Motto

“Engineering for Social Welfare”

inQbe Expertise

Our main areas of expertise are Robotics, ioT, AI, Power Electronics, Electric Drives etc

InQbe Provides..

Project related Training support to those pursuing M.Tech and B.Tech courses.

R&D Division actively engaged in developing new and innovative products and solutions in the areas of  Electrical and Electronics.

Training for faculties, including school and colleges, in the areas where they find difficulty

 Organize Technology Incubation programmes(TIP), where intelligent students are given a platform to incubate their ideas and are provided a space to make it possible by giving them back end support.

Institution Industry Interaction



internet of things


power electronics


Electrical drives


Digital signal Procesing


Our Vision

Our Vision is to play a major part in the technology development Process by imparting quality training and guidance to the new Generations.

Our Highlights

  1. Trained Faculties
  2. Years of experience of the faculties
  3. Hardware support is developed by ourselves
  4. Bio- Inspired Legged Robots

Our Mission

To train, encourage and motivate the engineering students and to bring out the hidden calibre in them.
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Power electronics 

Control Systems

Electrical Drives

Power System

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Image Processing




inQbe innovations
SRRA-45 ,
Mother Theresa Lane,
Near AJ Hall,
Kaloor, Ernakulam ,
PIN: 682017


Phone: 0484 4039369
Mobile: 9745526009


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